Alternatives that Make a Difference

Best Practise

Alternatives that Make a Difference

“Best Practice” policy strategies, campaigns and projects from the food/agriculture and energy/climate sector from around the world


A) Challenging corporate power: lessons learnt from the Pioneer/Panaar seed merger challenge in South Africa
By: Mariam Mayet, African Centre for Biosafety, South Africa

B) Climate Communities
By: Thomas Brose, Climate Alliance - Klimabündnis der Städte, Germany

C) Community-based agricultural resilience - woman seed initiatives
By: Dr. Suman Sahai, Gene Campaign, India

D) Community Resilience - Linking Food and Energy Sustainability to Equity and Social Justice
By: Orion Kriegman, Tellus Institute, USA

E) Extension Services for Ecofarming in Andhra Padresh
By: Dr. Gangula Venkata Ramanjaneyulu (Dr. Ramoo), Centre for Sustainable Agriculture, India
>> Download: Presentation | Dr. Ramoo - Centre for Sustainable Agriculture

F) Feed-in Tariffs: What can we learn from countries with Feed-in-Tariffs? What worked, what was pushed by NGO campaigns?
By: Srinivas Krishnaswamy, Vasudha Foundation, India *

G) Integrated Vector Management in Kenya – from pilot projects to national policies and what we can learn for food security, climate change and energy-related projects
By: Benjamin Gräub, Biovision, Switzerland

H) Lighting a Billion Lives
By: Ibrahim H. Rehman, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), India
>> Download: Presentation | Ibrahim Rehman - Lighting a Billion Lives

I) Millet Initiative
By: PV Satheesh, Deccan Development Society, India

J) Movements: Transition Town and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Example from social movements engaged in changing their cities.
By: Gesa Maschkowski & Nikolaus Lange, Network Transition Initiative D/A/CH & Transition Initiative "Bonn im Wandel", Germany

K) Reclaiming cooperatives: Food Security in the hands of women: Kudumbashree/Sangha Krishi example from Kerala
By: Biraj Swain, UN University & South-Asia Capacity Building Network, India

L) Strategies for Taking Agricultural Successes to Scale in Sub-Saharan Africa
By: Faustin Vuningoma, PELUM East Africa, Zambia

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