Background: The Great Transformation

Background: The Great Transformation

The Great Transformation is a necessary holistic structural change in the thinking and acting of humans all over the world. Here you find background information about the Great Transformation, parallel processes and diverse opinions about the issue.


Transforming Agriculture in a Warming World: Reflections on Civil Society Strategies

By Shefali Sharma (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy) with Tobias Reichert (Germanwatch)

We are witnessing the impacts of climate change on agriculture today. Adverse weather patterns such as drought, floods, and erratic rain are becoming more frequent in many countries and increasingly impacting farmers’ abilities to respond to these changes and produce food. >> more
Discussion Paper

Intersection of Food Security, Energy Consumption and Climate Change: Some Critical Issues

DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION, as of June 14th 2012

As global temperatures rise, severe negative impacts on crop yields is expected in large parts of the Global South where food security remains a critical concern. Yet agriculture is also seen as a major greenhouse gas emitter – if landuse change is included, agriculture is said to contribute up to 30% of GHGs. Around 13% of global emissions come from agricultural practices themselves – in particular from methane and nitrous oxides. >> more

Links and parallel processes

The term "Great Transformation" is still in its infancy. Nevertheless it is already discussed by various actors. Here you find basic literature, information about some parallel processes and a partly commented link list. >> more